Commercial : DOLPHIN wave 100

DOLPHIN wave 100


Dolphin wave 100 Specifications:

  • BrushingBrushing
  • Waterline cleaningWaterline cleaning
  • FiltrationFiltration
  • Complete pool ScanningComplete pool Scanning
  • GyroGyro
  • Dual Drive MotorsDual Drive Motors
  • Remote ControlRemote Control
  • SwivelSwivel
  • Power SupplyPower Supply
  • CaddyCaddy

Keep that pool remarkably clean with this Maytronics Dolphin Wave 100

Cleans pool floor, cove, walls, and waterline

Recommended for commercial pools up to 25m in length

The Dolphin wave 100 is a professional, non-compromising solution to meet the demands of commercial pool cleaning. Its dual drive motors and split brush technology provide incredible maneuverability and coverage while its digital wireless remote gives the user pinpoint navigation and control. Choose from multiple cycle options and a delayed start feature which allows debris to settle before starting the cycle. The wave 100 also features a full bag indicator and a caddy for extra convenience.


  • time Cycle time: 4/6/8 hours
  • plug Cable length: 34m
  • cone Filter bag porosity: fine porosity
  • water Suction rate: 16023 liters per hour
  • ray Ισχύς κινητήρα 24 VDC

Additional Features:

  • 2 motors for maximum performance
  • Digital wireless remote controls navigation and control
  • Multitude of cycle options
  • Multiple cycle time options
  • Suction rate: 16023 liters per hour
  • Caddy to store extra items
  • Indicates when it has a full bag

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